Where to Get Copies of the Various Documentation Scripts

NOTE:  All current scripts require PowerShell Version 3 or later. 
All current scripts create a Microsoft Word 2010 or 2013 document.

Many people have asked me where they can get copies of the various PowerShell documentation scripts. To make it easier to find, I have linked to all of them in this one article.

All scripts have been moved to the new Downloads page.

I am leaving this landing page here so I don’t break all the existing links people have to this page.



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160 Responses to “Where to Get Copies of the Various Documentation Scripts”

  1. JP Says:

    Please add me to the XD 7.x list.


  2. W. Jenkins Says:

    Would like to be added to the testers group for you new XD/XA 7.x scripts please.


  3. J Dunlap Says:

    Could you add me to the list for testing XD7.x?

    Thank you


  4. AndrewR Says:

    Hey Carl

    any more room on the Xendesktop 7.x testers list?
    would love to get on it and much appreciated.


  5. Chris Says:

    Wow Carl these scripts are great and detailed, I am using some of them along with some other scripts for security/infrastructure audits. Great job Maybe we can talk and I can work with you on the scripts I have to make it an all in one ad script and also some enhancements to the netscalers.
    Let me know, continue the work btw and THANK YOU!


    • Carl Webster Says:

      Thanks for the kind words.

      Always willing to have people help with the scripts. Barry Schiffer and Iain Brighton created the NetScaler script. You will need to contact Barry for the NetScaler script. If you do not have Barry’s contact info, email me and I will give it to you.




  6. Barry L Says:

    Hi Carl, loving the scripts! On the Netscaler script is it possible to capture the Network and Client Experience settings for the Netscaler Gateway Session policies?




  7. DmitryP Says:

    Very helpful. Thank you.
    What about XenDesktop 7.x (or XenApp 7.x)?


  8. JamesB Says:

    G’day from Australia Carl, Can I get on the tester list for the XD7x process ?


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