Where to Get Copies of the Various Documentation Scripts

NOTE:  All current scripts require PowerShell Version 3 or later. 

All current scripts create a Microsoft Word 2010 or 2013 document.

Most scripts have been updated to support Word 2016.

*****All the scripts run best on PowerShell Version 5*****

Many people have asked me where they can get copies of the various PowerShell documentation scripts. To make it easier to find, I have linked to all of them in this one article.

All scripts have been moved to the new Downloads page.

I am leaving this landing page here so I don’t break all the existing links people have to this page.



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283 Responses to “Where to Get Copies of the Various Documentation Scripts”

  1. Bahir Jala Says:


    I am running the script in admin mode and getting a full word document with empty content.
    Am I missing something?




  2. Scott Says:

    Carl….. One word.. Awesome!! Worked without issues. The only issue that I have found is a lot of my customers have me use a jump server to configure the NS and does not have Word on it. Do I have to use the older script that uses the NS.CONF file in order for the script to work? Or is there a workaround for this issue?

    Thanks in advance,



    • Carl Webster Says:

      I believe Barry created the script to allow a remote connection to the NS. Check the help text for info since I am not a NS person.



  3. alessandro Says:

    Hi Carl, please add me to test group for XD7.8+ scripts
    thanks a lot


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