• XenApp 6 V4 Documentation Script Has Been Updated 15-Nov-2013

    November 15, 2013

    PowerShell, XenApp 6.0

    Several issues were found shortly after the release of the V4 script.  All reported issues have been fixed in this update.

    The issues that were fixed:

    # Changed link to Citrix.GroupPolicy.Commands.psm module to my Dropbox

    When Citrix recently updated their website, they broke many of the links to the various versions of XenApp PowerShell files.  I got tired of trying to find the new location of this module that I just copied it to my Dropbox.

    # Changed the GetCtxGPOsInAD function to work in a Windows Workgroup environment

    I had no idea that people actually use XenApp 6.5 in production in a Workgroup environment.  Obviously, they do!  This fix bypasses the checking for Active Directory Citrix based Group Policies if the check for a Domain fails.

    # The Hotfix array for Citrix hotfixes was not initialized correctly causing all installed Citrix hotfixes to show as not installed.

    In my simple lab, I only installed one Citrix hotfix in my testing for the script.  If there were more than one Citrix hotfix installed and those hotfixes were on the Recommended List, then the report shows all the hotfixes as not installed even when they are installed.

    # Removed an extra test to see if the server being processed was online and reachable

    There were two tests in the Server section to see if the server was online and reachable.  Only one was needed.

    # Removed the .LINK section from the help text

    The original link for online help was for the original V3.0 script.  There will not be just one article explaining the V4 script so the .LINK section was removed.

    # Added back in the French sections that somehow got removed

    Somehow one of the sections for supporting French Microsoft Word was removed or overwritten.  It has been added back in.

    NOTE: This script is continually updated.  You can always find the most current version by going to https://carlwebster.com/where-to-get-copies-of-the-documentation-scripts/



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    2 Responses to “XenApp 6 V4 Documentation Script Has Been Updated 15-Nov-2013”

    1. Justme Here Says:

      Inhereited ZenApp 6 Farm. Powershell v2.

      Do you have a script that would give me some understanding as to how this is all put together, etc, that can be output to HTML?



      • Carl Webster Says:

        For XenApp 6, I do not have a script that outputs to HTML at this time. It will come but I doubt I will add that to the XenApp 6 script. That script gets very few downloads and I don’t believe it is worth the days it will take to add that functionality to a script that is not used much.




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