• PVS V2 Documentation Script Has Been Updated 17-JUN-2013

    June 17, 2013

    PowerShell, PVS

    A reader, Corey Tracey, emailed me and asked me if there was way to run the PVS V2 script from one computer against multiple untrusted domains that each contain a PVS Farm.  Turns out there was a way but it was not an easy task.

    The PVS PowerShell documentation shows the McliRun –SetupConnection has parameters that will handle Corey’s request.  From the Citrix Provisioning Services  6.1 PowerShell Programming Guide:

    Setup of the SOAP Server Communication

    Unless the defaults are fine, use this command to set the values for the SOAP Server connection:

    Mcli-Run SetupConnection -p name=value[, name2=value2]

    Setup the SOAP server connection that will be used for the MCLI and PowerShell command line interfaces.


    Parameters needed for this Run.


    server          Server used for the connection.  Default=localhost

    port             Port used for the connection.  Default=8000

    user             User used for the connection.  Default=Current user

    domain       User domain used for the connection.  Default=Current user

    password    User password used for the connection.  Default=Current user

    Unfortunately, the pathetic piece of crap that Citrix calls the PVS PowerShell implementation made this much more difficult than it should have been to implement.  I really hope one of these days  Citrix will fix their pathetic PowerShell implementations for both PVS and XenDesktop.  Citrix should have and could have done a better job with their PowerShell work.    The teams at Citrix who create these PowerShell implementations should have and take more pride in their work.

    There are two ways to enter the new parameters.  All three parameters (User, Domain, Password) can be entered or just the User.  If  just the User is entered, the script will prompt for Domain and Password.

    Corey tested this on his multiple untrusted domains and said the script worked flawlessly.

    The changes I made to the V2 PVS script are very minor.  I changed the internal version number to 2.03 but left the filename unchanged.

    If you have any suggestions for the script, please let me know.  Send an e-mail to webster@carlwebster.com.

    NOTE: This script is continually updated.  You can always find the most current version by going to https://carlwebster.com/where-to-get-copies-of-the-documentation-scripts/

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    2 Responses to “PVS V2 Documentation Script Has Been Updated 17-JUN-2013”

    1. Michael Says:

      Hi Carl

      I tried to run this remotely from a XenApp server using the guide you gave to document citrix from an AD server but was unsuccessful.

      Reason for this is that I do not have Office Word installed on the PVS server and it just does not document it if not available.

      Is there a way for it to be done remotely from a XenApp server?

      Thank you



      • Carl Webster Says:


        I may have assumed too much knowledge in the article. I assumed you installed the PVS Console and registered the snap-in on the computer you will run the script on.



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