• A Message and Apology from Webster on View and Download Counts

    March 2, 2015



    Back on February 2nd 2015, I noticed that all my view and downloads counts had been reset to 0. It seems there was an issue with the WordPress plugin I was using to track the counts of views and downloads to provide me with a Top 10 or Top 25 or Top whatever number list. I worked with the company hosting my site and also found out that the plugin had been exaggerating the counts. It appears that if you thought about one of my articles, the plugin counted that as a view.  And if you thought about one of my scripts, the plugin counted that as a download. It was never my intention to deceive anyone with the exaggerated counts of views and downloads, it was an unintentional mistake caused by the WordPress plugin I was using.

    Since day one of my site going live back on August 4, 2011, Google Analytics has been active and tracking everything. I have been told it is next to impossible to mess with the counts that Google Analytics gives. I have worked to gather all the download counts for the new downloads page and have seeded the download counts with the numbers Google Analytics gave me. If you add up all the numbers, you will see the numbers are much less than what I reported back on December 31, 2014. I apologize for having used inaccurate download numbers.

    Going forward, all the counts of views and downloads will be accurate and maintained by the industry standard Google Analytics.

    I am sorry if I mislead you by the popularity of any of my articles or scripts by the old inflated counts.



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    2 Responses to “A Message and Apology from Webster on View and Download Counts”

    1. Jeremy Saunders Says:

      I would have to agree with Joe. I’m interested to know what your rouge plugin was. I use Download Monitor (https://www.download-monitor.com/) and haven’t seen any issues to date.


    2. Joe Nord Says:

      Don’t sweat it Webster. For me, the count just says “lots of people are using the scripts” and this is true whether you counted the downloads accurately or not. The important thing is that the admins using your tools take the time once in a while to reach and say “thanks”. Based on feedback I have seen, this is definitely the case.


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