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    Learning the Basics of Citrix Provisioning Services and XenApp 5 for Windows Server 2003 – Behind The Scenes

    WHEW!!! I honestly never thought I would get the PVS and XenApp article completed. I swear, if you put ten Citrix Consultants in a room you will get, at a minimum, 50 different viewpoints on how PVS should be installed, configured and maintained. This three-part series (Part 1, Part 2, Part 3) started out to be a single article. When it was all done, the article was 94 pages long (in Microsoft Word) and had 161 screen shots.

    The three-part series was rewritten three times and had more revisions than I can count. I started on this journey April 28th, 2011 and finished the last draft sent out for review on July 28th. No other article series I have done has ever taken so long to complete. No other article series came across so much conflicting information, so much hidden information and so many viewpoints. My lord, how does anyone get PVS implemented!!!!!!!!!!!

    This three-part series was NOT a one-man show. There are many people who helped with this article. In alphabetical order:

    • Patrick Carey
    • Jarian Gibson
    • Steve Greenberg
    • Jo Harder
    • Mark S. Knouse
    • Jeff PinterParsons
    • Glenn Porter
    • Nicholas Rintalan
    • Jeff Rohrer
    • Thorsten Rood (AKA Dr. PVS)
    • Joe Shonk
    • Michael B. Smith
    • Neil Spellings

    Jarian Gibson has the most patience of any person I have met. Jarian put up with my endless questions. I felt like a two-year old at times: Why Jarian, Why Jarian, Why Jarian, Why? I am surprised Jarian hasn’t blocked my phone number and e-mail address! Well, he probably has but answers me anyway!

    Joe Shonk may not be that good looking or have much of a personality or know much about sushi but he is extremely smart about all things regarding implementing Citrix products and technologies. All joking and picking aside, if I got to pick an All Citrix Team, Joe Shonk would be my #1 draft pick and I would pay any amount of money to have him on my team.

    Michael B. Smith is an Exchange MVP and knows very little about XenApp and nothing about PVS. You can thank him for forcing me to explain everything and find answers for what I didn’t know.

    My hope is that you can use this 3-part series to finally understand how to use Citrix Provisioning Services and XenApp 5 together.

    Me? I am grabbing a Ginger Ale, making a BLT with homegrown tomatoes and relaxing for at least 30 minutes before I start my next series.



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    Conversant Group
    Conversant Group

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    Webster is a Sr. Solutions Architect for Choice Solutions, LLC and specializes in Citrix, Active Directory and Technical Documentation. Webster has been working with Citrix products for many years starting with Multi-User OS/2 in 1990.

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    8 Responses to “Learning the Basics of Citrix Provisioning Services and XenApp 5 for Windows Server 2003 – Behind The Scenes”

    1. madhu Says:

      Hi sir,
      i am new to citrix, from where i starting… please give me sugesns



    2. Chigawa Says:

      Hi Carl,

      Your guides always rock ! Always precise, very well documented and easy to understand (even for a poor frog leg eater like me ;-).
      The only remark I often have is : when all the articles of a serie are finished, why don’t you release a full compiled pdf version ?

      Gratefully yours



      • Webster Says:


        There is a PDF version of this article series available for a very low price of 99 cents.


        I will be trying very hard to make PDFs of all the article series available for an extremely low price.

        Thanks for reading.



        • Chigawa Says:

          That’s great and your price is very interesting.
          However I wanted to order it but the ordering process seems a bit weird for me. I expected to get a download link by mail after having paid with Paypal but I’ve been asked to provide a shipping address which I could not fill correctly because of the country drop-down list limited to US and CA (I’m living in France). What should do I ?


          • Webster Says:

            I am having the website gurus at Skyrocket Websites check on this for you. They are in Pacific TIme so it may be a few hours before you hear from them.




          • Webster Says:


            The folks at Skyrocket Websites have fixed this issue for you. Let me know if you have any other issues.




    3. Nick Says:

      Relaxing for 30 minutes? Lazy!


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