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  • How 10ZiG Technology Endpoint Hardware & Management Software is Supporting Remote Communications (Advertiser Post)

    October 28, 2020

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    How 10ZiG Technology Endpoint Hardware & Management Software is Supporting Remote Communications

    Who is 10ZiG?

    • SOLE Thin & Zero Client Hardware & Software FOCUS for 17+ Years
    • OPTIMIZED Endpoints for Microsoft Teams, Zoom, and Skype-For-Business
    • FREE Enterprise Cloud-Ready Endpoint Management Tool (The 10ZiG Manager™)
    • FREE Demo Devices to Test Drive in Your Environment

    This Article Covers 10ZiG Remote-Enabling Support with:

    • Remote Automated Configuration and Management
    • Optimizing Video and Audio Communication
    • Flexible 6048q Endpoint Products
    • Webcast Education for Citrix, VMware, etc.

    Remote Set-up and Management

    The in-office experience at home or any remote location has grown by record numbers, and so has the importance of the quality and functionality of its set-up. Even though some are making small strides to return back to the office – we know that for those customers’ employees who have been sent home to work – communication, management, and support has never been more relied on when it comes to remote-working and connections to VDI and Cloud computing environments.

    Now more than ever, IT Administrators have been seeking out powerful, reliable, and affordable endpoints for remote-working environments from 10ZiG Technology Thin & Zero Clients. Our endpoint devices are diversified and customized to provide the best performance in virtual desktop and server-based applications & desktops to fit on-premise, Cloud, or Hybrid Cloud environments.

    Endpoint centralized management software is an integral part of remote-working, on-premise, or Cloud-based, and we set at no cost and with no license limitation, before, during, and after COVID. Known as  The 10ZiG Manager™, it successfully and easily manages endpoints, both Linux and Windows-based, in-office or remote-working locations, and is a huge asset for IT staff needs. Customers remark how happy they are that it is so easy to use.

    Our endpoint devices can only be as good as the firmware they support and the software they run. 10ZiG’s firmware updates with respect to protocol releases, as well as endpoint management software enhancements due to market demand, both remain highly intuitive and responsive via our in-house R&D Team with no slowdown.

    Customer-driven solutions and making devices fit into your environment (and not the other way around) is what our customers love, particularly during these trying times. Devices customized for what they need – like custom workflows, integration of optimized solutions and peripherals, windows customization, etc. You can easily get on the phone with a Certified Technician or get a return email without a long wait. Our available, friendly, and quick-to-respond Tech Support won’t stop until they’ve found a solution for you.

    If need be, we happily send you a replacement device while you’re shipping back your device for possible repair or return with our 3-Year Advanced Return Warranty. 10ZiG Technology has been assisting customers with remote communication features during this global pandemic, and we can help you too.

    Video and Audio Communications

    For our customers, work-life as we know it right now will not be changing anytime soon. IT Administrators have been faced with having to send large numbers or even all employees home in order to work remotely. When done right, the set-up, functionality, and quality of their audio and video connections for virtual/conference meetings have the potential to keep things operating smoothly. The 10ZiG at-home experience supports the in-office experience, including monitor, keyboard, and mic,  all connecting to a managed CO2-efficient, micro-small form factor endpoint. By supporting this related remote management hardware, we help businesses go on as usual in this unusual time.

    Historically, we know that the problem with webcam audio functionality via traditionally used USB redirection support has been bandwidth, in that it consumes too much. Most webcams send uncompressed images over USB at a high frame rate. Audio functionality was always done via USB redirection as well. The quality of audio using USB redirection (in or out) depends greatly on network conditions and guest load, etc.

    With virtual desktop infrastructure and 10ZiG Thin & Zero Client endpoints, communications from home to office, from country to country, or from right down the hallway is remote, high quality, and reliable – in or out of the Cloud – for our customers. Many of us right now are set up in a virtual desktop environment using Thin & Zero Client endpoints and VMware and Citrix platforms or planning to be. For VDI solutions like this, there are generally two types of approaches for supporting webcam and audio functionality that can keep organizations up-and-running, no matter what communication platform you establish (Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Skype for Business, etc.).

    1. For Unified Communication solutions that support optimized methods for Citrix, VMware Horizon, and Windows Virtual Desktop leveraging client-side plugins, including those available for Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Skype for Business, and more, 10ZiG can assist. Such plugins operate by shifting the audio and video streams away from the virtual desktop and directly to and from the client device. This reduces load at the virtual desktop, as well as reduces latency.  It also eliminates the hair-pinning effect that occurs by other non-optimized methods, which otherwise forwards audio and webcam streams from the Client to the virtual desktop.
    2. 10ZiG supports forwarding techniques available in Citrix and VMware for audio/headsets and video/webcams, which offer compression to reduce bandwidth and latency. These techniques are used as an alternative for forwarding audio/headsets and video/webcams via USB redirection. For Citrix, this is referred to as HDX RealTime Compression, and VMware, Real-Time Audio-Video (RTAV). Both techniques commonly encode those same devices locally at the client, then compress audio/video forward to the virtual desktop and then decode. This method results in much better bandwidth usage, allowing this feature to scale across many users & desktops.  This technique is generally used where native VDI plugins do not exist or are not supported as per step #1 above.

    10ZiG WFH 6048q Series  

    The Citrix Ready 10ZiG 6048qc endpoint, a powerful workhorse aimed at supporting Dual Display Port 4K @ 60Hz, is verified as an approved Citrix Ready Premium Endpoint. Its x64-based NOS Operating System streamlined to accelerate development and integration to further complement Citrix Workspace App for Linux. 10ZiG embraces the latest features from Citrix Workspace App in supporting not just Citrix Virtual Desktops but also Citrix Virtual Apps and Digital Workflows, including Citrix Cloud, SaaS, and Hybrid solutions. The 10ZiG 6048qc Citrix Ready Premium Endpoint paired with the Citrix Cloud is an easy setup and is helping 10ZiG customers across the globe, in-office, or remotely. The Client Series also comes in options to support equivalent solutions from VMware and Microsoft.


    Remote-Working 10ZiG Education

    Due to the global pandemic, many of our customers’ employees have indeed been sent home and are now more than ever heavily reliant on communication tools throughout their working day. Employees are feeling ostracized from their co-workers and no longer afforded the luxury of desk visits, hangouts at the coffee machine, or face-to-face meetings. As such, employees now demand not just audio but also video calls to remain ‘virtually’ in contact and stay in touch with their co-workers. It’s critical that these tools, including headsets and webcams, are configured with remote-working in mind to ensure the same level of user experience employees are afforded in their office environment.

    10ZiG has developed several webinars to educate on remote communications support via 10ZiG Client endpoints with The 10ZiG Manager™, whether VMware or Citrix, etc., protocols. There are a wide variety of modern communication platforms available, many of which have experienced more than double-digit growth in daily usage throughout the global pandemic. Best practices of applications including Microsoft Teams, Skype, Skype for Business, Zoom, and more – which leverage such needed communication techniques – as well as guidance on supported headsets and webcams for providing your employees with a desktop-like experience at home just like ‘in-office,’ are covered in these webcasts.

    Recorded webcasts can be found here!

    You can reach 10ZiG at, (U.S.), and (EMEA).


    About Carl Webster

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