• Documenting Citrix XenApp and XenDesktop 7.x with Microsoft PowerShell V1.1

    While attending the Experts 2 Experts Virtualization Conference in Berlin, Mick Glover and Bas van Kaam gave a presentation on the Extended Power Management capabilities of XenDesktop 7.x. I realized those settings needed to be added to the script along with several other settings and additions.

    The original V1.0 script was 22,315 lines long. After removing almost 600 lines of unneeded code and then adding in all the new stuff, the V1.1 script is now 23,441 lines.

    I added a new Parameter, Administrators (Admins). Using this new parameter will give you details on Administrators, Scopes and Roles.
    I realized I had forgotten to add the Session details to the Hosting details.
    I added more data to the Delivery Group sections.

    Here is the Change Log for the V1.1 script.

    # Version 1.1
    #	For Policies, change Filter(s) to "Assigned to" to match what is shown in Studio.
    #	For Policies, change the text "HDX Policy" to Policies to match what is shown in Studio,
    #	In Machine Catalog HTML output, removed two unneeded lines
    #	Add Machine Catalog summary table to beginning of section
    #	Add Delivery Group summary table to beginning of section
    #	In Delivery Group Word/PDF output, add in missing Machine type
    #	Begin Delivery Group data on new page for Word/PDF output
    #	In Delivery Group details, add:
    #		AutomaticPowerOnForAssigned
    #		AutomaticPowerOnForAssingedDuringPeak
    #		Extended Power Management Settings:
    #			During peak extended hours, when disconnected
    #			During off-peak extended hours, when disconnected
    #	Note: The previous four settings can only be set via PowerShell and are not shown in Studio
    #	In Delivery Group, add Desktops:
    #		Available
    #		In Use
    #		Never Registered
    #		Preparing
    #	In Delivery Group Details:
    #		Fix display of State (Enabled, Disabled or Maintenance mode)
    #		Add Description
    #		Add Display Name
    #		Add Color Depth
    #		Add Shutdown Desktops After Use
    #		Add Turn On Added Machine
    #	For Hosting details, add Sessions
    #	For Hosting details, begin Desktop OS, Server OS and Sessions data on new pages for Word/PDF output
    #	Added new parameter, Administrators (Admins), to get full administrator details.
    #	Added for Administrator Scopes, Objects and Administrators
    #	Added for Administrator Roles, Role definition and Administrators.
    #	Fix numerous typos
    #	Removed all 449 references to the unused variable $CurrentServiceIndex

    There were almost 180 people testing this update. If you find a bug, an issue, a typo, some data I missed in Studio or have an enhancement request, send me an email to webster@carlwebster.com.

    NOTE: This script is continually updated. You can always find the most current version by going to https://carlwebster.com/where-to-get-copies-of-the-documentation-scripts/

    Thanks and enjoy


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