• Citrix XenApp/XenDesktop 7.8+ Documentation Script Update Version 2.05

    June 26, 2017


    WHEW! So much community input is in this script.

    I didn’t think I was ever going to get this “minor” update completed. By the time I finished updating the script with:

    • the changes Jim Moyle made to the Script Template
    • and then Brandon Mitchel’s updates for 1.x script
    • and then the changes for 7.14 (I mean 7.14.1)
    • and then Samuel Legrand pointed out a new regkey for 7.14
    • which led me to ask for a list of regkeys for 7.8+ and I found out there are 315 regkeys
    • and then several people kept telling me about a missing version check regkey on the computer running the script
    • and I also found little “things” that annoyed me about the two XA/XD scripts when using them at customer sites
    • and I finally had to stop adding and fixing things.

    This script is now over 31,000 lines of PowerShell!!! There are 13,000 lines of PowerShell just to handle Citrix Policies.

    #Version 2.05 26-Jun-2017

    • Added additional error checking for Site version information
      • If “SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Uninstall\Citrix Desktop Delivery Controller”
      • is not found on the computer running the script, then look on the computer specified for -AdminAddress
      • If still not found on that computer, abort the script
    • Added back the WorkerGroup policy filter for XenApp 6.x
    • Added Broker registry keys that can be set on Broker servers
      • Added Function GetControllerRegistryKeys
      • Added Function Get-RegistryValue2
      • Added Function Get-RegKeyToObject
      • Added Function OutputControllerRegistryKeys
      • Added new parameter BrokerRegistryKeys
      • There are 315 registry keys and values that are checked and listed
      • Updated Function OutputControllers
    • Added Controller version information to the Controllers section
    • Added “Database Size” to the Datastores output
    • Added folder name to Function OutputApplication (Thanks to Brandon Mitchell)
    • Added four new Cover Page properties
      • Company Address
      • Company Email
      • Company Fax
      • Company Phone
    • Added loading the SQL Server assembly so the database size calculations work consistently (thanks to Michael B. Smith)
    • Added missing function validObject
    • Added new parameter MaxDetails:
      • This is the same as using the following parameters:
        • Administrators
        • AppDisks
        • Applications
        • BrokerRegistryKeys
        • DeliveryGroups
        • HardWare
        • Hosting
        • Logging
        • MachineCatalogs
        • Policies
        • StoreFront
    • Added sort applications by AdminFolderName and ApplicationName to Function ProcessApplications (Thanks to Brandon Mitchell)
    • Added support for version 7.14
    • Added the following new Computer policy settings:
      • Application Launch Wait Timeout
      • Enable monitoring of application failures
      • Enable monitoring of application failures on Desktop OS VDAs
      • List of applications excluded from failure monitoring
      • Logoff Checker Startup Delay (seconds)
      • Profile Streaming Exclusion list – directories
    • Added to Delivery Group, LicenseModel and ProductCode
    • Added Version information to Controllers
    • Fixed bug when retrieving Filters for a Policy that “applies to all objects in the Site”
    • Fixed Function Check-LoadedModule
    • Fixed function OutputPolicySetting
    • Fixed functions ProcessAppV and OutputAppv to handle multiple AppV servers (Thanks to Brandon Mitchell)
    • Fixed numerous issues in the Policies section
    • Fixed the “CPU Usage”, “Disk Usage”, and “Memory Usage” policy settings
      • When those settings are Disabled, they are stored as Enabled with a Value of -1
    • Fixed two calls to Get-BrokerApplication that were retrieving the default of 250 records (Thanks to Brandon Mitchell)
    • Removed code (240 lines) that made sure all Parameters were set to default values if for some reason they did exist or values were $Null
    • Reordered the parameters in the help text and parameter list so they match and are grouped better
    • Replaced _SetDocumentProperty function with Jim Moyle’s Set-DocumentProperty function
    • Updated Function OutputDatastores to:
      • Add database size
      • Fix output for mirrored databases
      • Check if SQL Server assembly is loaded before calculating database size
    • Updated Function ProcessScriptEnd for the new Cover Page properties and Parameters
    • Updated Function ShowScriptOptions for the new Cover Page properties and Parameters
    • Updated Function UpdateDocumentProperties for the new Cover Page properties and Parameters
    • Updated help text
    • When -NoPolicies is specified, the Citrix.GroupPolicy.Commands module is no longer searched for

    You can always find the most current script by going to https://carlwebster.com/where-to-get-copies-of-the-documentation-scripts/



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