• Citrix XenApp/XenDesktop 7.8+ Documentation Script Update Version 2.28

    Version 2.28 25-Sep-2019

    • Added “Multi-session OS” and “Single-session OS” where appropriate for CVAD versions greater than or equal to 1909
      • Unlike Citrix, I use the correct form of “Single-session OS” and not “Single session OS”. Thanks to Melissa Case
    • Added new Broker registry keys for 1909
      • HKLM:\Software\Policies\Citrix\DesktopServer\LegacyPeakTransitionDisconnectedBehaviour
      • HKLM:\Software\Citrix\DesktopServer\LegacyPeakTransitionDisconnectedBehaviour
    • Added new VDA registry key for 1909
      • HKLM:\SOFTWARE\Citrix\AppV\Features
    • Added new VDA registry key https://support.citrix.com/article/CTX212610
      • HKLM:\Software\Citrix\Reconnect\DisableGPCalculation
    • Added new VDA registry key https://support.citrix.com/article/CTX256900
      • HKLM:\Software\Citrix\Reconnect\FastReconnect
    • Added new Computer policy settings for CVAD 1909
      • Profile Management\Advanced settings\Outlook search index database – backup and restore
      • Profile Management\Basic settings\Migrate user store
      • Profile Management\Profile handling\Automatic migration of existing application profiles
    • Rework how to get the Site’s version information to remove remote registry access
    • Rework text output to allow for the longer Machine Catalog and Delivery Group type names
    • Updated for CVAD 1909

    You can always find the most current script by going to https://carlwebster.com/where-to-get-copies-of-the-documentation-scripts/



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    4 Responses to “Citrix XenApp/XenDesktop 7.8+ Documentation Script Update Version 2.28”

    1. Jason Fortun Says:

      These scripts are great. Has anyone had any luck parsing these into a spreadsheet friendly format?


      • Carl Webster Says:

        There is a -CSV switch for the Appendixes. I know of no one who has taken the output and made it spreadsheet friendly. You can look at the Text output option.

        Will create a CSV file for each Appendix.
        The default value is False.

        Output CSV filename is in the format:


        For example:



    2. Mike Pagán Says:

      Q: I see that the documentation output uses version numbers like for the Citrix Virtual Apps but I can’t seem to find a matrix where that maps back to published version (Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops 7 version 1909 for example). Where does that version come from and is there a way to map it back to CVAD versions?


      • Carl Webster Says:

        No, I just build it in the script.

        #V2.28 build real version
        $tmp = $Script:XDSiteVersion
        Switch ($tmp)
        “7.23” {$Script:XDSiteVersion = “1909”}
        “7.22” {$Script:XDSiteVersion = “1906”}
        “7.21” {$Script:XDSiteVersion = “1903”}
        “7.20” {$Script:XDSiteVersion = “1811”}
        “7.19” {$Script:XDSiteVersion = “1808”}
        Default {$Script:XDSiteVersion = $tmp}



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