• Citrix XenApp/XenDesktop 7.8+ Documentation Script Update Version 2.23

    #Version 2.23 15-Apr-2019

    I would like to thank the people who helped test this script and provide input and feedback. The script is better because of you and your time and help.


    • Added -CSV parameter
      • Updated each function that outputs each appendix to output a CSV file if -CSV  is used
      • Output CSV filename is in the format:
        • CVADSiteName_Documentation_Appendix#_NameOfAppendix.csv
        • For example:
        • CVADSiteName_Documentation_AppendixA_VDARegistryItems.csv
        • CVADSiteName_Documentation_AppendixB_ControllerRegistryItems.csv
        • CVADSiteName_Documentation_AppendixC_MicrosoftHotfixesandUpdates.csv
        • CVADSiteName_Documentation_AppendixD_CitrixInstalledComponents.csv
        • CVADSiteName_Documentation_AppendixE_WindowsInstalledComponents.csv
    • Added tests for SQL Server 2019 and Azure SQL
    • Added to the Hosting Connection output, IntelliCache setting
    • Added new Computer policy settings for CVAD 1903
      • ICA\Printing\Universal Print Server\SSL Cipher Suite
      • ICA\Printing\Universal Print Server\SSL Compliance Mode
      • ICA\Printing\Universal Print Server\SSL Enabled
      • ICA\Printing\Universal Print Server\SSL FIPS Mode
      • ICA\Printing\Universal Print Server\SSL Protocol Version
      • ICA\Printing\Universal Print Server\SSL Universal Print Server encrypted print  data stream (CGP) port
      • ICA\Printing\Universal Print Server\SSL Universal Print Server encrypted web service (HTTPS/SOAP) port
    • Added new VDA registry keys for CVAD VDA 1903
      • HKLM:\SOFTWARE\Citrix\UniversalPrintDrivers\PDF\EnablePostscriptSimulation
      • HKLM:\SOFTWARE\Citrix\UniversalPrintDrivers\PDF\EnableFullFontEmbedding
    • Fixed all WriteHTMLLine lines that were supposed to be in bold. Wrong parameters were used.
    • If both -MachineCatalogs and -DeliveryGroups parameters are used, only output the machine details for catalogs, not delivery groups his will help keep the report length shorter
    • In Function OutputNicItem, change how $powerMgmt is retrieved
      • Will now show “Not Supported” instead of “N/A” if the NIC driver does not support Power Management (i.e. XenServer)
    • In the Summary Page, change Word/PDF and HTML output to use tables for better formatting
    • Removed from report output, the individual listings for:
      • Citrix Installed Components
      • Controller Registry keys
      • Microsoft Hotfixes
      • VDA Registry Keys
      • Windows Installed Roles and Features
      • These will now only show in the Appendixes to keep the report length shorter
      • Removed Function OutputControllerRegistryKeys
      • Removed Function OutputVDARegistryKeys
    • Rewrote AddHTMLTable, FormatHTMLTable, and WriteHTMLLine for speed and accuracy (MBS)
    • Rewrote Line to use StringBuilder for speed (MBS)
    • Rewrote the Text output for the following sections:
      • Machine Catalog Summary
      • Delivery Group Summary
      • Appendix A
      • Appendix B
      • Appendix C
      • Appendix D
      • Appendix E
    • Sort Appendix E data by Display Name, Name, and DDCName, and change output to match
    • Stop using a switch statement for HTML colors, and use a pre-calculated HTML array for speed (MBS)
    • Updated expired ShareFile links in error messages
    • Updated Function OutputNicItem with a $ComputerName parameter
      • Updated Function GetComputerWMIInfo to pass the computer name parameter to the OutputNicItem function
    • Updated Function SendEmail with corrections made by MBS
    • Updated help text
    • Went to Set-StrictMode -Version Latest, from Version 2 and cleaned up all related errors (MBS)

    If you know of other data that should be added, send me an email. webster@carlwebster.com

    You can always find the most current script by going to https://carlwebster.com/where-to-get-copies-of-the-documentation-scripts/



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