• Citrix XenApp/XenDesktop 7.8+ Documentation Script Update Version 2.11

    #Version 2.11 2-Mar-2018

    • Added additional SQL database information to the Configuration section
    • Added new function GetDBCompatibilityLevel
    • Added new User policy settings from 7.17
      • ICA\Multimedia\Browser Content Redirection Blacklist Configuration
      • ICA\Session Watermark\Enable session watermark
      • ICA\Session Watermark\Watermark Content\Include client IP address
      • ICA\Session Watermark\Watermark Content\Include connection time
      • ICA\Session Watermark\Watermark Content\Include logon user name
      • ICA\Session Watermark\Watermark Content\Include VDA host name
      • ICA\Session Watermark\Watermark Content\Include VDA IP address
      • ICA\Session Watermark\Watermark Content\Watermark custom text
      • ICA\Session Watermark\Watermark Style\Session watermark style
      • Change the Broker Registry Keys to sort by RegKey and then RegValue and change the output to match
    • Change the Broker Registry Keys heading from “2” to “3”
    • Move section headings for Machine Catalogs, AppDisks, Delivery Groups, and Applications to their respective “Process” functions.
      • This allows the “There are no Machine Catalogs/AppDisks/Delivery Groups/Applications” messages to appear in their own sections,
      • and for Word/PDF output, not directly under the Table of Contents
    • Updated function GetSQLVersion to add support for SQL Server 2017
    • Updated function OutputDatastores for the additional SQL Server and Database information
      • Changed Word/PDF and HTML output from a horizontal table to three vertical tables
    • Updated the “Default” message in function GetSQLVersion
    • When there are no Machine Catalogs, change the message from “There are no Machines” to “There are no Machine Catalogs”

    You can always find the most current script by going to https://carlwebster.com/where-to-get-copies-of-the-documentation-scripts/



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