• Citrix Provisioning Services Health Check Script Update Version 1.22 (aka The Guy Leech Update)

    April 28, 2020

    PowerShell, PVS

    Version 1.22 28-Apr-2020

    First off, I want to thank fellow CTPs Matthias Schlimm and Guy Leech for their help in finding issues, suggesting fixes, and testing this update.

    Guy Leech was a big help in making this script (and eventually others) much more gooder and better.

    • Add -Dev, -Log, and -ScriptInfo parameters (Thanks to Guy Leech for the push)
    • Add Function ProcessScriptEnd
    • Add Receive Side Scaling setting to Function OutputNICItem
    • Attempt to automatically register the old string-based PowerShell snapins (Thanks to Guy Leech for the push)
      • The script should be run from an elevated PowerShell session.
    • Change location of the -Dev, -Log, and -ScriptInfo output files from the script folder to the -Folder location (Thanks to Guy Leech for the “suggestion”)
    • Change output file names from “assessment” to “HealthCheck”
    • Cleaned up and reorganized the code
    • Fix determining Bad Streaming IP addresses (Guy Leech magic pixie dust fix)
      • The array was initialized but never populated
      • The Management IP is not available for PVS versions earlier than 7.0
      • Update Functions ProcessPVSSite and OutputAppendixJ
    • Fix wrong variable name in Function OutputAppendixG (another Guy Leech find)
    • Fix wrong variable name in Function VerifyPVSSOAPService (Thanks to Guy Leech for finding this)
    • Reformatted the terminating Write-Error messages to make them more visible and readable in the console
    • Remove an invalid test for PVS license that bombed on Server 2008 R2 and PVS 6.x
    • Remove Function validObject
    • Remove the SMTP parameterset and manually verify the parameters
    • Rename script from PVS_Assessment to PVS_HealthCheck
    • Update Function BuildPVSObject by adding Try/Catch to catch stuff that isn’t working in a current version of PVS
    • Update Function Get-IPAddress with suggestions from Guy Leech
    • Update Function Get-RegistryValue to add Try/Catch to catch registry values that don’t exist on older versions of PVS
    • Update Function ProcessStores to fix several issues:
      • Using code from Guy Leech, work when running remotely
      • Process the Store path validation for all servers that offer the Store
      • Change the output text for Store path validation
      • Process the Write Cache Path validation for all servers that offer the Store
      • Change the output text for Store Write Cache Path validation
      • Add text showing if the default Write Cache Path is used and the name of the default location
    • Update Function SendEmail to handle anonymous unauthenticated email
    • Update Function ShowScriptOptions for new parameters
    • Update Function VerifyPVSServices with suggestions from Guy Leech (is that a surprise?)
    • Update Functions GetInstalledRolesAndFeatures and OutputAppendixN to skip Server 2008 R2 as the Get-WindowsFeature cmdlet doesn’t have the -ComputerName parameter
    • Update Functions GetComputerWMIInfo and OutputNicInfo to fix two bugs in NIC Power Management settings
    • Update Help Text

    You can always find the most current script by going to https://carlwebster.com/where-to-get-copies-of-the-documentation-scripts/



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