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    Citrix Provisioning Services Health Check Script Update Version 1.16

    April 9, 2019

    PowerShell, PVS

    #Version 1.16 9-Apr-2019

    While the version number increased only .01, this is a big update.

    I want to thank all the CTAs and CTPs who tested this script, found bugs, and provided input and feedback. Thanks to Matthias Schlimm and Martin Therkelsen for finding a couple of nasty bugs and working with me to get them fixed.


    • Added “_Assessment” to output script report filename
    • Added -CSV parameter
    • Added Function GetInstalledRolesAndFeatures
    • Added Function Get-IPAddress
    • Added Function GetMicrosoftHotfixes
    • Added Function GetPVSProcessInfo
    • Added Function validObject
    • Added License Server IP Address to Farm information
    • Added SQL Server IP Address to Farm information
    • Added Failover SQL Server IP Address to Farm information
    • Changed the variable $pwdpath to $Script:pwdpath
    • Changed Write-Verbose statements to Write-Host
    • Fixed bug for Bad Streaming IP Addresses. The $ComputerName parameter was not passed to the OutputNicItem function
    • Fixed bug when processing Service Failure Actions. It looks like I “assumed” there would always be three failure actions
      • Thanks to Martin Therkelsen for finding this logic flaw (bug)
    • From Function OutputAppendixF2, remove the array sort. The same array is sorted in Function OutputAppendixF
    • In Function OutputNicItem, Changed how $powerMgmt is retrieved.
      • Will now show “Not Supported” instead of “N/A” if the NIC driver does not support Power Management (i.e. XenServer)
    • To the DisableTaskOffload AppendixE, Added the statement “This setting is not needed if you are running PVS 6.0 or later”
    • Updated each function that outputs each appendix to output a CSV file if -CSV is used
      • Output CSV filename is in the format:
      • PVSFarmName_Assessment_Appendix_NameOfAppendix.csv
      • For example:
        • TNPVSFarm_Assessment_AppendixA_AdvancedServerItems1.csv
        • TNPVSFarm_Assessment_AppendixB_AdvancedServerItems2.csv
        • TNPVSFarm_Assessment_AppendixC_ConfigWizardItems.csv
        • TNPVSFarm_Assessment_AppendixD_ServerBootstrapItems.csv
        • TNPVSFarm_Assessment_AppendixE_DisableTaskOffloadSetting.csv
        • TNPVSFarm_Assessment_AppendixF_PVSServices.csv
        • TNPVSFarm_Assessment_AppendixG_vDiskstoMerge.csv
        • TNPVSFarm_Assessment_AppendixH_EmptyDeviceCollections.csv
        • TNPVSFarm_Assessment_AppendixI_UnassociatedvDisks.csv
        • TNPVSFarm_Assessment_AppendixJ_BadStreamingIPAddresses.csv
        • TNPVSFarm_Assessment_AppendixK_MiscRegistryItems.csv
        • TNPVSFarm_Assessment_AppendixL_vDisksConfiguredforServerSideCaching.csv
        • TNPVSFarm_Assessment_AppendixM_MicrosoftHotfixesandUpdateds.csv
        • TNPVSFarm_Assessment_AppendixN_InstalledRolesandFeatures.csv
        • TNPVSFarm_Assessment_AppendixO_PVSProcesses.csv
    • Updated help text

    You can always find the most current script by going to https://carlwebster.com/where-to-get-copies-of-the-documentation-scripts/



    Conversant Group: On average SMBs lose $141,000 per ransomware incident. We keep the bad guys away.

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