• Citrix Provisioning Services 7.x Documentation Script Update Version 5.21

    April 28, 2020

    PowerShell, PVS

    Version 5.21 8-May-2020

    First off, I want to thank René J. for reporting several bugs in the script and patiently testing every update.

    I also want to thank fellow CTPs Matthias Schlimm and Guy Leech for their help in finding issues, suggesting fixes, and testing this update.

    • Add checking for a Word version of 0, which indicates the Office installation needs repairing
    • Add loading the PVS.Snapin DLL as a module
    • Add Log parameter to create a transaction log file for troubleshooting
    • Add Receive Side Scaling setting to Function OutputNICInfo
    • Change color variables $wdColorGray15 and $wdColorGray05 from [long] to [int]
    • Change location of the -Dev, -Log, and -ScriptInfo output files from the script folder to the -Folder location (Thanks to Guy Leech for the “suggestion”)
    • Change Text output to use [System.Text.StringBuilder]
      • Update Function SaveandCloseTextDocument
    • Fix Function OutputFarm to report “Not Configured” for the CIS Username when the name is blank
    • Fix Function OutputServers to correct:
      • the default Write Cache text not showing in the output
      • Output “N/A” when there is no Problem Report data (For PVS 7.11 and later)
    • In Function Output Site, add a Try/Catch around the retrieval of the Bootstrap file(s), and testing for an empty Bootstrap array (thanks to Guy Leech for finding this)
    • Reformatted the terminating Write-Error messages to make them more visible and readable in the console
    • Remove loading the old PVS Snapins
    • Remove the SMTP parameterset and manually verify the parameters
    • Reorder parameters
    • Update Function ProcessScriptSetup with suggestions from Guy Leech from the PVS_HealthCheck script
    • Update Function SendEmail to handle anonymous unauthenticated email
    • Update Function SetupHTML and SaveAndCloseHTMLDocument to fix an issue with using the -AddDateTIme parameter creating two HTML files
    • Update Function SetWordCellFormat to change parameter $BackgroundColor to [int]
    • Update Functions GetComputerWMIInfo and OutputNicInfo to fix two bugs in NIC Power Management settings
    • Update Functions ShowScriptOptions and ProcessScriptEnd for Log
    • parameter
    • Update Help Text

    You can always find the most current script by going to https://carlwebster.com/where-to-get-copies-of-the-documentation-scripts/



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