• Citrix Cloud Documentation Script V1.10

    December 5, 2020

    Citrix Cloud, PowerShell

    #Version 1.10 5-Dec-2020

    • Added CustomerID to function ShowScriptInfo and ProcessScriptEnd
    • Added the missing ReadMe file link to the warning message about the missing Citrix.GroupPolicy.Commands file
    • Added to Hosting Connection section:
    • (Thanks to fellow CTPs Neil Spellings, Kees Baggerman, and Trond Eirik Haavarstein for getting this info for me)
      • Amazon EC2
      • Google Cloud Platform
      • Microsoft Azure
      • Nutanix AHV
      • Remote PC Wake on LAN
    • Added variables, counters, and text for the following Administrative Roles:
      • Cloud Administrator: [int]$Script:TotalCloudAdmins
      • Full Monitor Administrator: [int]$Script:TotalFullMonitorAdmins
      • Probe Agent Administrator: [int]$Script:TotalProbeAdmins
      • Session Administrator: [int]$Script:TotalSessionAdmins
    • Correct the invalid variable name in the ScriptInfo output file for WordFilename
    • Fixed alignment in the Text output for the ScriptInfo output file
    • Fixed bug reported by David Prows in the Hosting section. First, check to see if the hosting connection’s AdditionalStorage.StorageLocations is valid
    • For all calls to Get-AdminAdministrator, remove the -SortBy Name. Sorting by Name is the default behavior.
    • For MCS Machine Catalogs:
      • Check that the catalog’s ProvisioningSchemeId is not $Null before retrieving the Provision Scheme’s machine data
      • Check that $MachineData is not $Null before checking for HostingUnitName
    • For the Hosting section, for High Availability Servers and Power Actions, handle empty arrays
    • In Function GetAdmins, for Hosting Connections, handle the error “The property ‘ScopeId’ cannot be found on this object. Verify that the property exists.”
      • Also, added some white space to make the function easier for me to read
    • In Function OutputAdminsForDetails, add “No Admins found” to replace blank tables and text output
    • In Function OutputDeliveryGroupCatalogs, handle the case where a Delivery Group has no Machine Catalog(s) assigned
    • In Function OutputMachineDetails, when using Test-NetConnection, add Resolve-DnsName first to see if the machine name is resolvable.
      • This prevents every call to Test-NetConnection from failing with “
      • <MachineName> was not found in DNS”. Add error message:
      • <MachineName> was not found in DNS. VDA Registry Key data cannot be gathered.
      • Otherwise, every machine was reported as offline, which may not be true.
    • In Function OutputPerZoneView, add “There are no zone members for Zone <ZoneName>” to replace blank tables and text output
    • In Function OutputSummaryPage, add text for Cloud, Full Monitor, Probe Agent, and Session Administrators
      • A few users report they get the following errors even in a new elevated PowerShell session:
        • “Import-Module : A drive with the name ‘XDHyp’ already exists.”
        • “ProcessScriptSetup : Unable to import the Citrix.Host.Commands module. Script cannot continue.”
      • Even if the script runs for these users, the Hosting section contains no usable data.
        • Hosting
          • Unable to retrieve Hosting Units
          • Unable to retrieve Hosting Connections
        • My-Hosting-ConnectioName
          • Connection Name My-Hosting-ConnectioName
          • Type Hypervisor Type could not be determined:
          • Address
          • State Disabled
          • Username
          • Scopes
          • Maintenance Mode Off
          • Zone
          • Storage resource name
        • Advanced
          • Connection Name My-Hosting-ConnectioName
          • Unable to retrieve Hosting Connections
      • I have been unable to determine the root cause, a resolution, or a workaround for this issue
    • Provide full details in the error message if the Citrix.Common.GroupPolicy snapin is missing (Thanks to Guy Leech for the suggestion)
    • Removed all references to $Script:CCParams1 and @CCParams1
    • Removed all references to AdminAddress
    • Removed Controllers from the ScriptInfo output file and the Section parameter switch statement
    • Removed Licensing from the Summary Page because there are no individual license files in Citrix Cloud
    • Reordered the parameters in an order recommended by Guy Leech
    • Updated the ReadMe file

    I want to thank the users who reported the issue with Hosting Section containing blank data and for all the time they spent helping me try to track the root cause.

    I want to thank my IGEL INSIDER friend David Prows for helping me make the script better by providing sample reports and running numerous test runs for me.

    You can always find the most current script by going to https://carlwebster.com/where-to-get-copies-of-the-documentation-scripts/



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