• 2017: the year in review by a little Belgian

    December 29, 2017


    First of all, let me start by some very well deserved “Thank you’s” to Carl Webster and Stephanie Boozer for setting me up for this great and exciting opportunity.

    Indeed, after some very well received blog posts on Carl’s website, the time had come to spread my wings. This very blog post was released first on mycugc.com a few weeks ago.

    And it’s a big one, it’s that time of the year to reflect on the past year.
    So, what should we call 2017…

    “The year of Cryptocurrency”
    Absolutely, but that’s no topic for the mycugc.com forum, so let’s move on 🙂

    “The year of VDI” maybe?

    Personally, I don’t believe we will ever see such a thing. It’s like technology by itself will never solve any user issues. It’s only, and will ever be, a means to an end.

    “The year of EUC” then?

    That’s more like it! A lot has happened in the EUC space over the last year. We’ve seen companies struggle, restructure, merge, reinvent themselves, … but most of all, there’s a healthy state of competition in the market today. In the end, customers will benefit from this.

    Ok, but what about “The year of Cloud”?

    Again, cloud technology by itself will not solve any problems. It is, however, the greatest tech enabler of all time. Simply look at the rate Microsoft has been pushing out Office 365 features and updates, that has never been seen before.

    The same goes for Citrix Cloud. Where is the time we as Citrix admins were eagerly awaiting the next Feature Pack or version? Nowadays, feature packs roll out in the background every couple of weeks. The focus has shifted from “waiting on” to “trying to keep up”.

    If anything, that’s going to be a big challenge for 2018. We need to come up with a way we, as IT Pros, learn to keep up. It will be a matter of choice, speed, focus, specialization, … just to name a few. Sounds like great stuff for a “2018 preview” style article, doesn’t it?

    It sure does, but let’s not get ahead of ourselves. Let’s first take the time to celebrate this amazing year of 2017 first. With friends, family,… or basically anyone that’s important to you. Life is short, tech changes fast,… but always remember what really matters in life.


    Bart Jacobs



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    Bart Jacobs is a Senior System Engineer/Consultant based in Belgium. He started his career back in 1998. One of the first projects he worked on in those days was Citrix Metaframe 1.8 on Microsoft Windows NT 4 Terminal Server codename "Hydra". Over the years, Citrix technology has always been a major theme in his professional career, resulting in becoming a true technical expert in the matter. In the last few years, he has also become an expert in virtualization technology, with a special interest in a real challenger in this business: Citrix XenServer. Bart has founded his own company BJ IT back in 2007 and is mainly working as a (Citrix) consultant now. In 2019, Bart received his Citrix CTA award.

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