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A Look Inside Webster’s Lab (July 2013)

January 8, 2013


Writing PC

July 2013 Every now and then, people ask me about the lab environment I use to write my articles, answer questions on Experts Exchange and study for Citrix certification exams.  This article will show you what is in my lab.

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Is Your iPad or iPhone Slow to Access Your XenApp Services Site?

December 20, 2010


I really like using my Apple iPad for accessing published applications on my Citrix XenApp servers hosted on Citrix XenServer 5.6.  I had four problems I thought were related to the Citrix Receiver for iPad.  From comments made by customers and from questions posed on Experts Exchange, I am not the only one experiencing these […]

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Learning the Basics of Citrix XenApp 5 Feature Pack 3 for Windows Server 2003 and XenServer 5.6 Part 12 of 12

July 10, 2010


Using the Citrix Receiver for iPad In Chapter 11, you learned to create and configure a XenApp Services site and test internal secure access to a published application.  In this chapter, you will learn to publish the server’s desktop, install Adobe Flash and use an Apple iPad to access the XenApp Services site. Publish the […]

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