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Documenting Microsoft DHCP with Microsoft Word and PowerShell

May 31, 2014


DHCP Script Cover Page

On a recent project, the customer needed a way to document their DHCP configuration after losing the DHCP database on one of their DHCP servers. I offered to create a script and they gave me permission to do so. Microsoft makes DHCP cmdlets for Windows Server 2012 and higher. The customer had a 2012 DHCP […]

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Citrix Provisioning Services, Bluecat DHCP Appliance and PXE-E32: TFTP Open Timeout Error

January 9, 2014


At a recent XenDesktop and PVS project we ran into an issue where even though DHCP Options 66 and 67 were configured, we could not get rid of the PXE-E32: TFTP open timeout error.  This short article describes the resolution.

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Where to Get Copies of the Various Documentation Scripts

September 30, 2011


Many people have asked me where they can get copies of the PowerShell documentation scripts. To make it easier to find, I have linked to all of them in this one article.

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