Synergy 2016 Las Vegas Presentation – (re)Designing Your Active Directory

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If you came to my presentation at Citrix Synergy 2016 in Las Vegas, thanks for being there. The room was fairly full for being the next to last session on the last day of Synergy with a beer crawl starting at the same time. Thanks to all who stayed after the session and asked lots of excellent questions.

Those who attended my session came away with the following information:

  • Who to ignore
  • Why a (re)design may be required
  • The options for a (re)design
  • The pros and cons of a (re)design
  • What items to consider
  • The mandatory requirements
  • And much more

I would like to thank the following people for their help in putting together the information and for verifying its accuracy.

Michael B. Smith, “Office Servers and Services” with a specialty in Exchange MVP,

Brian Desmond, Identity and Access Management MVP,

A lot of the information in my session comes from chapters 11, 13, 14 and 15 in Designing, Deploying, and Running Active Directory 5th Edition from O’Reilly Press. O’Reilly Press offers a discount code to buy this book direct from them at Use code USRG for your discount.

On May 23rd, the day before Synergy started, I joined the team at Choice Solutions, LLC (Choice). I want to thank Robin Rottinghaus (Director of Marketing) for working over a weekend and helping me get my PowerPoint slide deck rebranded for Choice. She also fixed my slide layout so it looked more professional. Also, Jess Brain (Director of Service Delivery & Human Resources) worked to make sure I had business cards in my hands to pass out at Synergy. Robin and Jess did all this before I even started at Choice. In my opinion, they went above and beyond the call of duty to make sure I was taken care of. That is just one of the many family type things I love about Choice. Everyone on the team helps to build-up, encourage and help others without regard for getting credit. This is my way of giving full credit to Robin and Jess for making sure my presentation went and looked well at both Citrix Synergy and E2E Las Vegas. Thank you VERY much, Robin and Jess.

SYN327: (Re)design your Active Directory

Here is the YouTube link:

Here is a PDF of the presentation:

(re)Designing Your Active Directory PDF



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  1. Jörn Says:

    Hello Carl.
    id love to see your presentation.
    yet, however, the
    – synergyTV link throws a SOAP-ERROR,
    – The YouTube link tells me “Video unavailable”
    – the PDF link gives a dropbox-404 error.
    Is there any chance to have a look at your presentation?
    thanks from good old germany
    Jörn Richter


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