Microsoft DHCP Documentation Script Update Version 1.30

May 4, 2016

DHCP, PowerShell

Version 1.30 4-May-2016

  • Fixed numerous issues discovered with the latest update to PowerShell V5
  • Color variables needed to be [long] and not [int] except for $wdColorBlack which is 0
  • Changed from using arrays to populating data in tables to strings
  • Fixed several incorrect variable names that kept PDFs from saving in Windows 10 and Office 2013
  • Fixed the rest of the $Var -eq $Null to $Null -eq $Var
  • Removed blocks of old commented out code
  • Removed the 10 second pauses waiting for Word to save and close.
  • Added -Dev parameter to create a text file of script errors
  • Added -ScriptInfo (SI) parameter to create a text file of script information
  • Added more script information to the console output when script starts
  • Cleaned up some issues in the help text
  • Commented out HTML parameters as HTML output is not ready
  • Added HTML functions to prep for adding HTML output

You can always find the most current script by going to



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