HTML Output Changes Coming to the Documentation Scripts

December 7, 2017


Arnaud Pain is fine-tuning his XenMobile documentation script. Choice Solutions’ NetScaler goddess ran the script for me and sent me the HTML output along with the error log file from using the -Dev switch. The log showed me some errors on a variable and I was puzzled why I never came across that before. Turns out there were two logic errors in the WriteHTMLLine function. I fixed the function in the template script and sent it on to Arnaud to add to his script for testing.  There are eight documentation scripts that generate HTML output. I will update those over the weekend and just slip them into the downloads site. I will not be writing eight blog posts to say I replaced one function in each script. I doubt there are many people who use the HTML output but bugs need to be fixed regardless. If you do use HTML output, then you can download the updated scripts on Monday 11-Dec-2017.

About the XenMobile documentation script. Choice’s NetScaler goddess loved the report and said it will make documenting XenMobile implementations much easier. Reach out to Arnaud and give his new script a try.

Feel free to send Arnaud an email: [email protected]

You can also follow Arnaud on his blog: or on Twitter: @arnaud_pain



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