Finding the Average Group Policy Processing Time Using Microsoft PowerShell V1.1

March 24, 2016

Active Directory, PowerShell

I recently wrote about Finding the Average Group Policy Processing Time Using Microsoft PowerShell and have made a couple of changes to the script.

I have added the follow new features:

  • Allows you to specify the maximum number of seconds, default is 30, group policy processing should take. Any number greater than or equal to that number is recorded in LongGPOTimes.txt.
  • Allows you to specify an output folder.
  • Records the long GPO times in an text file.
  • Records the Average, Minimum and Maximum processing time to GPOAvgMinMaxTimes.txt.
  • GPOAvgMinMaxTimes.txt is a cumulative file and records the Average, Minimum and Maximum times for each run of the script.
  • Example GPOAvgMinMaxTimes.txt:
03/24/2016 14:23:37: Average: 33.5987071751778 seconds
03/24/2016 14:23:37: Minimum: 1 seconds
03/24/2016 14:23:37: Maximum: 708 seconds

Example content of LongGPOTimes.txt:

                             MaxSeconds User                                    Server                                 
                             ---------- ----                                    ------                                 
                                    708 CW\ngpkzlzng                            SPXA6XA6541                            
                                    703 CW\wbrxdshxw                            CWXA65011                              
                                    640 CW\vlqwk                                CWXA65110                              
                                    624 CW\fzzkncznx                            CWXA65002                              
                                    622 CW\ggmzllkn                             CWXA65088                              
                                    619 CW\xlcxchkrq                            CWXA65077                              
                                    618 CW\jcqrqnx                              CWXA65008                              
                                    610 CW\rjsmzth                              CWXA65088                              
                                    596 CW\mjgrzffzn                            CWXA65030                              
                                    591 CW\fzzkncznx                            CWXA65005                              
                                    588 CW\Sqhxrx                               CWXA65088                              
                                    576 CW\sbqrjx                               CWXA65077                              
                                    571 CW\rkzmmzns                             CWXA65049                              
                                    570 CW\bjxmbrqskk                           CWXA65028                              
                                    568 CW\lpxmlzc                              CWXA65002                              
                                    565 CW\bkgzllzs                             CWXA65028                              
                                    563 CW\gflynn                               CWXA65011                              
                                    563 CW\mjgrzffzn                            CWXA65020                              
                                    556 CW\xbqqkky                              CWXA65020                              
                                    554 CW\rsxlvxnx                             CWXA65077                              
                                    553 CW\cspknck                              CWXA65030                              
                                    550 CW\jbxrrkttx                            CWXA65073                              
                                    547 CW\mlprxngk                             CWXA65073                              
                                    546 CW\rqxcqstx                             CWXA65020                              
                                    542 CW\jlqvkll                              CWXA65080                              
                                    542 CW\lcqrrxlks                            CWXA65077                              
                                    539 CW\jcxrlskn                             CWXA65034                              
                                    536 CW\qqrtzz1                              CWXA65073                              
                                    535 CW\rcxntm                               CWXA65073                              
                                    533 CW\dknklsqn                             CWXA65077                              
                                    529 CW\ktqbqn                               CWXA65019                              
                                    527 CW\kfzschkr                             CWXA65080                              
                                    527 CW\blmblxnsky                           CWXA65034                              
                                    526 CW\xchkn                                CWXA65090                              
                                    520 CW\tpxttkrsqn                           CWXA65002                              
                                    516 CW\gqrtzz                               CWXA65064                              
                                    515 CW\xqpkqdm                              CWXA65034                              
                                    510 CW\wcxksxr                              CWXA65030                              
                                    503 CW\jrxmzrkz                             CWXA65090                              
                                    501 CW\rcxntm                               CWXA65072                              


This script is in the Miscellaneous section of the downloads page.

You can always find the most current script by going to



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