Scripts and Other Utilities

All current documentation scripts require PowerShell Version 3 or later and create a Microsoft Word 2010 or 2013 document.

Most documentation scripts have been updated to support Word 2016.

Most documentation scripts will also create formatted text and HTML output so Microsoft Word is not required.

*****All scripts perform best with PowerShell Version 5*****

Each documentation script has either six or seven parts:

  1. ReadMe file
  2. Change Log
  3. Unsigned script with PS1 extension
  4. Unsigned script with TXT extension
  5. Signed script with PS1 extension
  6. Signed script with TXT extension
  7. Sample Software Exclusions file with TXT extension (XenApp scripts only)
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Since a lot of places block Dropbox, this (I hope) will allow you to download a zip file of all the scripts from my site and not have to use Dropbox.

Download a Zip file of all the scripts. (Updated 8-Dec-2017)

*****All the scripts run best on PowerShell Version 5*****