Documenting Citrix StoreFront with Microsoft PowerShell Version 1.0

July 23, 2015

PowerShell, StoreFront

Sam Jacobs has created a StoreFront documentation script using the new Script Template.

Thanks to all the testers who helped Sam with testing and suggestions.

Documentation may be created in MS Word, PDF, HTML, or formatted text.
The output of the first script is an XML file, which can be repeatedly input to the second script if multiple output formats are desired.
Please see the included README file for instructions on running the scripts, which may be run via either command-line or GUI (the default).
The scripts have been tested on version 2.x and version 3.0 of StoreFront, though the newer features of v3.0 (e.g. App Groups) are not documented in this version.

Any comments, suggestions, questions or enhancement requests should be directed to Sam, not me.
[email protected]

Sam’s script will be housed here.

NOTE: This script is continually updated. You can always find the most current version by going to


Sam and Webster

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