Citrix XenApp/XenDesktop 7.8+ Documentation Script Update Version 2.12

#Version 2.12 10-Mar-2018

  • Fix $SQLVersion for SQL 2008 R2. Minor version is 50, not 5
  • In application details, change from “Folder (for user)” to “Application category (optional)”
    • This changed in XA/XD 7.8 and I never noticed it and no one reported it
    • Thanks to lbates for bringing it to my attention

You can always find the most current script by going to



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6 Responses to “Citrix XenApp/XenDesktop 7.8+ Documentation Script Update Version 2.12”

  1. Pete Runyan Says:

    Thanks Carl. I did follow your read me file closely, and I did download and use the Citrix.GroupPolicy.commands.psm1 module that you provided. The script wouldn’t load it, however, no matter what I tried or where I placed it. The fix for me for this issue was to install the XenApp 6.5 SDK. There’s more on this particular problem here:

    This did indeed solve the issue I was seeing, even though the link above is about importing policies from XenApp 6.5, I came across it while researching the problem with loading the Citrix.GroupPolicy.commands.psm1 module. This seems to be a Xen 7.13 and higher problem with loading Citrix.GroupPolicy.commands.psm1.

    Sorry to hear that the Storefront powershell commands don’t support remoting!



    • Carl Webster Says:

      THat is just weird. I test the script for every update and for the latest update I test with 7.8 and every version up through 7.17. I have never had to install anything from XenApp 6.5 to get the script to work with the policy section. The only issue I have found starting with 7.14 is that the Citrix.GroupPolicy.Commands.psm1 module refuses to load, and if manually loaded is not detected, if the script is run from an elevated PowerShell session.



      • Pete Runyan Says:

        That was the ticket, Carl!

        I removed the XenApp 6.5 SDK and everything it installed on the delivery controller.

        Rebooted the DC.

        Re-ran the doc script from a NON-ELEVATED powershell session.

        Worked like a CHAMP.

        My problem was running it from an elevated powershell session, it seems.

        I didn’t see this caveat in the read me file – I probably missed it.

        Please feel free to delete my comment, although the process I described does work around the issue with running powershell from an elevated prompt!

        Best Regards,


      • Carl Webster Says:

        I only noticed this in the last couple of months and finally figured it out when it happened to me at a customer site and I reproduced it in my lab a couple of weeks ago. I will add that to the ReadMe file on the next update.


  2. Pete Runyan Says:

    Hi Carl – thanks again for all the documentation scripts you have produced over the years!

    One comment and one question for your most recent Xen 7.8+ doc script:

    On my Windows 2012 R2 delivery controller (running XenApp 7.15 LTSR) I had to jump through some hoops to get it working – I had to install the XenApp 6.5 powershell SDK to get the Citrix.Common.GroupPolicy section working. Installing that SDK also required installing .Net 3.5, which requires the full Windows 2012 R2 .ISO media to install. (Even though .Net 3.5 is listed as a Windows feature, Microsoft doesn’t install the actual software for it on the server by default.) This comment is just to help anyone else that might get an error while running the doc script.

    My question is about getting info for Storefront. In my case, Storefront is on a different server than my delivery controller. I suspect this is a common configuration. Any way to tell this version of script that Storefront is on a different server and get it to pull that info?




    • Carl Webster Says:

      You should not have to install any XenApp 6.5 component or add-on to get the 7.x V2.xx script to work. All you need is the Citrix.GroupPolicy.commands.psm1 module file which I provide a copy of. That is shown in the ReadMe file, the script help text, and on the download page.

      The StoreFront PowerShell cmdlets do not support remoting and I doubt they ever will. The script can only detect if StoreFront is installed and running on the Delivery Controller (which no sane person does in production).



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