Archive | April, 2015

Microsoft DHCP Documentation Script Update Version 1.2

April 27, 2015


DHCP Error Checking

A user emailed me saying the DHCP script just didn’t work. Turns out he was running the script with no parameters and the script failed to test if the default LocalHost was a DHCP Server. This has now been fixed. If script is run without -ComputerName, resolve LocalHost to computer name and verify it is […]

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Documenting VMware vCenter with Microsoft PowerShell and Word Version 1.3

April 9, 2015


Jacob Rutski has updated his VMware vCenter documentation script to version 1.3. Jacob added support for PowerCLI 6.0, Beta charting and updated his script with the updates to my latest script template. Read Jacob’s article here. Any comments, suggestions, questions or enhancement requests should be directed to Jacob, not me. [email protected] NOTE: This script is […]

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Documenting Citrix XenDesktop 5.x with Microsoft PowerShell V1.1

April 2, 2015


While developing the Citrix XenDesktop 7.x documentation script, I added several enhancements, cleaned up the verbose console output and added aliases to some of the parameters. With the help of Eduardo Molina, a Delivery Group Utilization chart has been added.

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