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Java Runtime Installation failure – Updated for JRE Update 26

June 30, 2011


Java Runtime Installation Failure (Error 1330) Update:  June 30, 2011.  Oracle has changed some of the screens for JRE Update 26.  This article has been updated at the bottom of the original article. When trying to install the Java Runtime Environment (JRE) 6 Update 24 at a client site recently, I kept getting the error below […]

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Adding an SSD Storage Device to Citrix XenServer

June 18, 2011

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In the process of creating Virtual Machines (VMs) for labs for a customer, I needed to have 10VMs running at the same time.  My XenServer host uses a 1.5TB local SATA drive for VM storage and an iSCSI storage server.  I can’t use the storage server for these VMs as I will be taking my […]

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Fixing a Broken Delivery Services Console on Citrix XenApp 5 for Windows Server 2003

June 15, 2011


The most frequently asked question from people who read my Learning the Basics of … series for XenApp 5 on Server 2003 is “why is the Delivery Services Console broken?”  I get this question so often; I updated Part 4 and Part 5 of the series but have also decided to put out a separate […]

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A Quick Look at PHD Virtual Backup for Citrix XenServer

June 13, 2011


I recently had an almost disastrous experience with my lab XenServer host.  After that episode, I decided I needed to find a way too reliably and easily backup and restore virtual machines (VMs). On a couple of mailing lists I subscribe to, I have seen people mention PHD Virtual for doing backups of their VMs […]

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